Holiday Club 4 to 8-years (School Holidays)

Our Holiday Club provides your child with a warm, safe, stimulating and creative environment during the school holidays.
Parents can be confident leaving their children in the safe hands of this long-established club which runs alongside the existing nursery care.
Our activities meet individual development needs and include arts & crafts, sport, music, physical play, trips and cooking.
During each day there will be time for both indoor and outdoor play.
Snacks are served twice a day; a hot lunch and snack tea are also provided.
Holiday Club is from Monday to Friday 8 am – 1 pm, 1 – 6 pm or 8 am – 6 pm.


Billy B’s Mini Club 2 to 4-years 9.30 am – 11.30 am Mon-Fri (School Holidays)

Billy B’s Mini Club is designed to give children a fun and exciting couple of hours each day throughout the school holidays.

Whether you choose to book them in for one session only or five sessions each week you can be assured that your child will have have

a fun filled and exciting time here with us whilst giving yourself a little break.

Some examples of activities at fun club are; Beach Trips, Local Trips Out, Treasure Hunts, Crafts, Colouring Competitions, 3 Marker Challenges,

Slime & Gloop Play, Baking, What’s in the Box Challenges, Mister Maker, Themed Workshops and much much more!


Fun Club 5 to 8-years 1.15 pm – 3.15 pm Mon-Fri (School Holidays)

Fun club is designed to give school children a fun and exciting couple of hours each day throughout the school holidays.

Whether you choose to book them in for one session only or five sessions each week you can be assured that your child will have have

a fun filled and exciting time here with us whilst giving yourself a little break. Some examples of activities at fun club are; Beach Trips,

Local Trips Out, Treasure Hunts, Crafts, Colouring Competitions, 3 Marker Challenges,

Slime & Gloop Play, Film Club, Baking, What’s in the Box Challenges,

Lego Competitions, Mister Maker, Science Experiments, Sports Coaching, Themed Workshops and much much more!


Out of School Club 4 to 8-years

The Out of School Club runs from Monday to Friday from 3 pm – 6 pm, We collect children from Amble First School (Edwin Street). Alternatively, if they attend other Schools, you can deliver your child here. Once they arrive they spend time relaxing and unwinding, usually with a period of outside play. Snack Tea is at 4 pm the children then take part in the evening’s planned activity. These include cookery, gardening, crafts, outings and other exciting pursuits. We have a range of indoor and outdoor games and if children have homework we are happy to supervise them while they complete it.

Children receive a healthy snack and light tea and they can be collected anytime up to 6 pm.