Below are a few key links for parents to use. 

Childcare Choices is a brilliant Government Funding Website which will help you to discover if you are eligible for/apply for help with your childcare costs.

Famly is our online registration system and online learning journal, once you have completed your registration form you will be added onto the system, and you will receive an e-mail from Famly giving you access to their information. This enables you to be more involved in the day-to-day care of your child/ren here at Brambles and helps to make communication simpler and more accessible at all times.

Famly is an all-in-one management and communication system which will benefit you and allow you to:

Receive your monthly invoices via the Famly app

Access your bills, payments and current balance

Be able to mark your child as absent due to holiday or sickness

Send and receive direct messages to/from Brambles

Receive up-to-date information about what is happening at Brambles, e.g events and trips etc

Check the calendar for closure days (i.e. bank holidays, staff training days)

Update details and permissions directly in Famly

Create and update contacts for your child for emergency contacts and pick-ups

You will  also be able to see/comment on; observations, notes, photographs and EYFS assessments, characteristics of learning and videos outlining your child’s Brambles journey.