Since 2004, Brambles Childcare have looked after hundreds of children.

Based in a quiet, nature-filled corner of Amble, our highly qualified professional staff keep your children safe, offering a complete range of exciting and educational activities to help with their development.

We love to hear parent feedback and suggestions.

The below comments are just a few from our wonderful parents past and present.


“All the girls are amazing and have brought Sophie on so much. Best decision we ever made to start Sophie at such a young age. And she loves it and everyone too. Not just a Nursery, but like a home from home for them” KW.


“Freddie has come on so much in the last year since coming to Brambles. He loves his time there and all the staff are fantastic with him. Can’t wait to see how he progresses when he moves over to the dinkys next month” NB.


“Callum has came on so much since starting from not wanting to go and crying the 1st couple of weeks he now goes in with not a bother. He loves all the girls and is so settled in now” LH.


“Credit goes to the girls who bring the kids on, teach them, train them, cuddle them, deal with there kick offs and pick them up when they fall over. Well done to the team at brambles” SA.